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Massage and Therapy Machine Price in Bangladesh 

Product Details of Acupuncture Massage Slippers Shoe Foot Massagerএই ফুটওয়্যার -এ রয়েছে ৮২টি মাসাজিং টিপযা হাঁটার সময় আপনার পায়ের তলায় “reflex”পয়েন্টগুলিতে চমৎকার মাসাজের মাধ্যমে সারা শরীরে রক্ত সঞ্চালন প্রবাহ বৃদ্ধি করবে।Foot reflexology নার্ভ সার্কুলেশন বাড়ায়, যা শরীরের অঙ্গসমূহের ব্যালান্স নিশ্চি..
1,090 Tk
Brand: Apple
Product Details of Digital Therapy MachineDigital Therapy Machine - 4 PadDigital signal technologyGreat for stiff neck and shoulders, back aches, cramps and moreAids in slimmingStimulates using massage, acupressure, cupping and manipulationSimple to useAids in slimmingLarge LCD clearly displays inte..
890 Tk
Product details of Dolphin Body Massager ElectricPowerful handheld Massager Hammer.Optional 2-level Vibrate Speed : High and Low.Works by tapping-vibrating mode and long-distance infrared ray.Infra-red and warming light to give out a heat therapy.Speed-up Fat Burning, Blood Circulation.Build-up Immu..
1,290 Tk
Product details of Double Head Full Body MassagerDouble Head Full Body Massager Hammer.With high-quality plastic material, durable and non-toxic.Strong motor, equipped with a superior motor, more powerful for daily use.Steeples speed regulation, the vibration speed can be adjusted freely. High-frequ..
1,850 Tk
Product details of Electric Foot Massager MachineEffective for those who can not go and walkHelps in blood circulationCan get 10 minutes of usage every dayA complete external so there is no side effectsUseful for family membersInfrared Foot MassagerThis Massager with perfect reach handle delivers an..
1,680 Tk
Product details of Electric Foot Massager Vibration Infrared Heat therapy MachineProduct Type: Foot Massage MachineBrand : Dubai SportsIts effective for those who can't go and walkHelps in blood circulationYou can get 10 minutes of usage every dayIt is a complete external so there are no side effect..
2,250 Tk
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