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Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector

Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector
Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector
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19,500 Tk
  • Stock: 100
  • Model: C12
  • Model: Cheerlux C12
  • Display technique: LCD 
  • Natural resolution: 1920*1080 
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 
  • Luminance: 3600 lumens 
  • White color temperature: 8000K 
  • 1 year Warranty / Guaranty

Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector

The Cheerlux C12 is a smart and powerful projector that offers a large and clear screen with wireless connectivity. The WiFi Projector has an LCD technique to deliver bright and vivid colors. It has a natural resolution FHD 1920 x 1080 and 16:9 aspect ratio, suitable for most movies and videos. The Cheerlux C12 LED Projector has a 3600 luminance brightness to ensure a bright and clear image even in a dark room. It has a white color temperature of 8000K, which creates a natural and comfortable viewing experience. The Cheerlux C12 3600 Lumens LED Projector has an F135 lens, high light transmittance, and low distortion. It has a throw ratio of 1.35, which means it can project a large screen over a short distance. The Cheerlux LED Projector can project a size of 50–220 inches, ideal for home theater, gaming, and presentations. It has a throw distance of 1.5–4.8 m, giving you flexibility and convenience in placing the device. It has a manual focus and a manual keystone correction, which allow you to adjust the image quality and angle easily. The Cheerlux C12 3600 Lumens WiFi Projector has a main interface of AV/Earphone Jack/HDMI/USB, which enables you to connect various devices and sources. The LED projector also has a WiFi option, which supports 2.4/5G frequencies. You can connect the device to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop wirelessly and stream your favorite content. Their LED lamp house has a 10000LM bulb luminance and a light work life of 50000 hours. The LED lamp is energy-saving and long-lasting, and it does not harm your eyes. The device has a master chip of 6710/V53, which is a powerful and stable processor that ensures smooth and fast performance.

The image is good and bright

Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector is suitable for Full HD 1080p resolution Performs well even in a bright environment Vivid, wonderful, colorful images. to know for sure. LCD technology is fully responsible, resulting in 3600 lumens of white and color output.

Big Size Screen 

Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector has a screen size of 50 inches to 220 inches and a distance of 3.5 m. Digital zoom factor 1 - 1.35 ensures true and clear image quality at any small size, allowing you to enjoy movies, games and movies even in a large room or apartment.

Buy Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector From Chomok

In Bangladesh, you can get original Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector From Chomok. We have a large collection of latest Cheerlux Projector to purchase. Order Online Or Visit your Nearest Chomok Shop to get yours at lowest price. The Cheerlux C12 3600 Lumens Full HD WiFi Projector comes with 1 year Warranty / Guaranty.

Buy Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector Review

The Cheerlux C12 WiFi Full HD Projector offers impressive image quality with its Full HD resolution. Its wireless connectivity adds convenience, enabling seamless streaming. The compact design and user-friendly interface make it suitable for various settings. However, its brightness may be limiting in well-lit environments. Overall, a budget-friendly choice for home entertainment with notable features.

What is the price of Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector in Bangladesh? What is the new price?

The final price of Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector in Bangladesh is 19,500৳. You can buy Cheerlux C12 Wifi Full HD Projector from our website at the best price.

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